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the Boys of Baraka

I just finished watching The Boys of Baraka. This movie touched me deeply even though I suspect I missed a lot because of the visual aspects of the movie. This documentary follows a group of African American boys from the inner city of Baltimore and travels with them as they go to the Baraka School in Kenya. It follows them for a year, showing the emotions they have to deal with, and at the same time blending in events from home. It then follows the boys back to Baltimore to see if they can make the transition.

I was really surprised the school did not teach them coping techniques for when they returned to Baltimore. I can appreciate the fact they tried to teach the boys more constructive ways of dealing with their emotions and that's awesome, but what about the drugs, and gangs running rampant? Granted, they still had a while to go when the school got shut down and maybe that would have been addressed at a later time, but I was still surprised things like this had not been addressed from the beginning.

All in all, this was an amazing movie.
four out of five stars.
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